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To help information engineers in product development and manufacturing companies, this site suggests an integrated framework for design (including engineering), manufacturing and customer support information systems.

An INFORMATION ENGINEER in mfg. and eng. companies can find solutions for the product data management in CAD/CAE, ERP interface and tech. publications. Use main bar menu above.

A RESEARCHER of engineering inforamtion systems can find technical papers, reference engineering processes and bibliographical links. Use main bar menu above.

A STUDENT who is interested in engineering information systems can find a lecture of PDM (under Knowledge Managment menu) and various supporting articles. Use main bar menu above.

A PUBLISHER of technical books or magazins can find interesting KEDB artcles in the KEDB, use the below search window.

A SOLUTION PROVIDER of engineering information systems can post thier product or solution information in the KEDB web links through the right e-mail address.

A WEB MASTER of engineering information related Web site or Search engine can link the KEDB or request to link his/her site to KEDB web links through the right e-mail address.

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